Puckleberry Hanukkah Tentative Schedule. 

As the title says, this is just a tentative schedule — this is just me trying to sort out the information I have received so far and work with the styles of writing/graphics/art I know of. So, if you have any problems with this schedule, let me know as soon as possible and I will change it. Otherwise, this is the current plan!

Tuesday, Dec 20 — puckleberryjam; 2firstnames; noday—buttoday

Wednesday, Dec 21 — itsvolcanoday; sheriff-gilgun; jedidoctor

Thursday, Dec 22 — cx7171; wehadadamnchance; spunkleberry

Friday, Dec 23 — alisonsrandommusings; anyanka; mohawksandbroadway & lost-n-stereo

Saturday, Dec 24 — pinkhairisnotpunk; thebamcqueen; hello-im-rose-tyler

Sunday, Dec 25 — leamichelegasm; thesaw-theshell; dreamsofglitter

Monday, Dec 26 — bella8876; mermaidblues; zzzooet

Tuesday, Dec 27 — touchingmetouchingyou; scarletglasses; comfortcomfort

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