We have a full Puckleberry Hanukkah! 

So we officially have 25 talented PR fans willing to make something — that’s seriously amazing. I thought I’d have trouble finding 16, so the fact that we even have a bonus category is incredible to me. Thank you all so, so much!

Since all the spots are filled, I’m going to start making out the schedule; so if you haven’t messaged me about days you won’t be able to post, please get that in as soon as you can! I’ll message everyone their specific days once I get everything finalized.

And, since you only have to post your work on that particular day, feel free to start working on it now! The theme is Hanukkah/holidays/winter, so you really have a lot you can work with. If you can, send me a general idea of what you’re planning on doing, so I can try and schedule according to that (match graphics and fics by theme, or something like that) or refer you to someone else if you’re planning to do something similar.

Again, thanks everyone, and let me know if you have any questions!

Fic Writers:

Graphic Artists:

Bonus Present:

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